Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, for those who dont know we are back in Aus, have bought a house in Toowoomba. I will keep this blog going, and I intened to add some pics of our house etc some time.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Well We are in Germany chillin out for a few weeks, and I haven't updated this in ages! So these pics date back from a few weeks ago when Mum was here. There is Audley house, near our place. There is so pics in London, the minature train is at Audley too. Although we were there with Pam, Max and our little Godchild Alec, who there are also a few pics of outside the church after the baptism. The trains planes and automobiles are just the other day at Speyer Museum. and the pic of Anika on the bike is here in Landau in Germany. Enjoy. And I will finally get the compression of the video sorted to post here also soo.

me driving the train at Speyer

VW fire truck

At the Zoo in Landau with Chrissy's uncle

Old tractor for Dad, in Speyer

minature trains in Audley

Not so minature trains in Speyer!!

Im driving can you see me?

Mmmm, my favourite Porsche ever!

Big russian cargo plane


Jumbo, see the slide under it, Anika wasn;t so into that...

Swimming in London with Mum

Mum and Anika at Tower bridge

Us eating in Germany with family.

Dad likes these Citreons, they were the 1st front wheel drive cars i believe, and they handled really well, so were known getaway cars from bank jobs.

Speyer, Mercs, Messershmidts and my favourite jag there to the right.


Harry on the tube in London

The leaning Chimney of Linton

Anika and Chrissy playing in the leaves at Audley house

Max and me, giving shoulder rides in the beer garden after a few pints at the pub near audley house.

mum and Anika at Audley

Harry doing a spot of Climbing on the cloud hedge, Audley

Harry having a break at Kings College, Cambridge


Slightly drunk Harry

Royal Harry, Tower Hill gates.

audley Tea shelter thingy

Us at Audley

Motor bikes at Speyer for Dads enjoyment

The girls at Audley gardens

Harry on the berry hedge

Anika model snob

Ani on the pib

Audley gardens



Us at Alec's baptism

Alec and Anika

Ani at Audley

me and Anika riding the bike, she loves it!!

Anika the poo

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Our Trip so far.

finally got this done! We are in Germany for a few weeks now. So i might get some pics up soon too.


Thursday, October 18, 2007


OK I am making a video of our trip so far, but whilst I finish I would like to show you where I ride. DH Cambridgeshire style (flat!) this is footage of the entire track, nothing edited out and they push up and do it twice! It's short, and it isn't me as I have never bothered setting up my helmet camera. We hit all the jumps you see here too, is scary fun :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My hands are bananas

More coming soon, in the mean time, this is hilaereous

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Espaniol! Olah

Well, Mum is over here, and thanks to her, we all went to Spain, we stayed on the East coast, just on the mainland, off the coast a bit is Ibiza, never got there though :)
A lot of great sunrises and sunsets. Got to say the place itself isn't what I thought, not that that was bad at all. I just got the impression that there was a lot of Poms falling into the develop in spain investment net, and a lot of Spanish nationals living almost in poverty, I would think there would be a real 'them and us' thing going on. Perhaps I am wrong... We stayed in our little golfing resort complex in aircon comfort, overlooking marvelous views, great dual lane roads lined with palms etc, and as soon as we drive out into the real world we are comfronted with neglected housing, potholed streets with prostitutes on the roundabouts, and vandalism and rubbish EVERYWHERE. I dunno, just doesn't feel right. Onto the pics though...

Second day sunset, different again, still just as scenic.

Third day, hazy and quite warm

Sunrise the morning we left, just as spectacular and peacefull

Harry contemplating returning to crummy Sub 15 deg English temps and rainy weather.

Stormy midday front.

Beach on the rainy first day

Afternoon storms had just hit, the mountains are just unreal around here, might have to come back with my bike!

Same old same old really.

Drive up into the hills, this was a water reservoir, not quite at the Toowoomba levels, but not looking good, at least they are already gettting desalination plants in place.

The ladies at the beach having lunch, was a really nice little resturant

Me and mum on the lower back deck, the roof was the upper main deck. where I took the sunset panoramas.

That front again. it just seemed to lay there all day, we were in the rain but could see the sunshine just over the way a little, bit frustrating!

Us on the beach.

Ani with my Fort William shirt on, cutie.

There wasn't that much rain, but bad town planning leads to bad water problems, we hardly saw any drainage on the streets, here is what happens. Even the apartment comple

entering the pyranese

The girls in the apartment

Ani giving herself a bath after first bathing Maddy the mermaid

BBQ on the top deck (in the rain)

Check out the houses, they looked really trashy, with vandalism on them, but some were nice inside, global warming may affect resale, it has already by the evidence, some front steps severaly undercut with erosion and lead to nowhere.

Me Mum and Ani on the beach